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Specialized in spare parts

We specialize in spare parts manufacturing and maintenance of OEM quality components ready for installation. We repair damaged or obsolete components or restore them if necessary. We are able to process components up to 20 meters long and 30 tons in weight. Non-existing 3D data can be created by us.

This is what we can do for you.

Based on the information you provide or in person on site, we evaluate options for restoring damaged or aging components to full functionality. Based on our many years of experience, we check whether a repair of the component or a new production is necessary. In doing so, we take your individual requirements into account in detail: Factors such as the cost structure, delivery time and potential impact on your production that may result from the component failure are carefully incorporated by our experts into project planning and implementation. Our repair proposal, adapted to your specifications, is also based on comprehensive NDT tests if required.

You are missing the 3D data?

Especially with aging components, plans are often only available as a yellowed drawing or not at all. Based on the 3D data feedback possible in our company, we can reproduce parts and components even without a drawing, without digital or analog manufacturing documents. In this context, our experts will also be happy to advise you on the choice of material and on defining the load requirements. We are able to reproduce components in OEM quality – non-existing 3D data can be created by us according to your individual requirements.

Example use cases

  • General overhaul

    of damaged turbines to increase the performance and efficiency of power plants

  • Restoration

    of an obsolete gearbox housing (without existing 3D data) to the latest technical standard

  • Restoration

    of a 1940s gear wheel using the latest technology and with the highest quality and precision

  • Time-critical repair

    of components to minimise associated production downtime

That is why you should trust us

  • Our experts

    have extensive knowledge and know-how about the functioning of plants in a wide range of specialist sectors

  • We bring decades

    of experience in retrofitting components with us

  • We create

    non-existing 3D data according to your individual requirements

  • Our engineers

    act with the highest routine in the restoration of original equipment quality components

  • We have

    special know-how in material issues and organisation

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