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of our employees have been with HELDECO for more than 10 years.
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of our employees have been with HELDECO for more than 15 years.
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of our employees have been with HELDECO for more than 20 years.
Heroes at HELDECO

Focus on the people

As an owner-managed company with a long tradition, we have been focusing on people for more than 30 years. Our apprentices play an important role in this – with them we set the course for the successful future of our company. Because: our skilled workers are our history and present, our apprentices our future.

Peter has been with our company since 1996. During this time he has risen from apprentice to plant manager. Stefan is pursuing his “dream job” with us and is now – following his apprenticeship – responsible for programming at HELDECO. And Lukas swapped the hall for the lecture theatre – and is now successfully working on our largest CNC machines. It is the many individual stories that make HELDECO a “global player”, one of the most flexible metal processors for components weighing up to 30 tonnes. All these individual stories have a common foundation in our company: our HELDECO apprenticeship training. 60 percent of our 60 employees have been trained directly in our own company. At HELDECO, competences and skills are imparted during the apprenticeship period, the handling of CNC machines and measuring technologies is trained, new experiences are made – but much more, the course for working together is set during the HELDECO apprenticeship period.

Because our training goes beyond the classic teaching of decisive tools for a successful career, we accompany people during their apprenticeship to become a bit more mature. Because with us, the apprentices are the centre of attention.

In the video above (which was created by our apprentices), you can see what our employees associate with HELDECO apprenticeship training, growing up together and our company.