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Prestigious order from the offshore industry

HELDECO stands for expertise in the processing of large, complex components in a wide range of industries. Currently, we have been able to prove our know-how again.
In the offshore industry in particular, we have earned an excellent reputation far beyond the country’s borders in recent years. We can once again demonstrate this positioning with a very prestigious project: In a first order for an internationally operating group, we have currently machined four-ton disks – with a diameter of 3.2 meters – for the offshore industry with high precision.

Specifically, we have processed stainless materials based on the expertise of our technical experts: By combining optimized process flows with quality management, an accuracy of +/-0.01 mm is ensured by our approach even for such large or heavy machine parts.

This high quality standard is now also reflected digitally: Intelligently regulated communication processes enable maximum transparency. This means that our recent investments in digitizing the site are making our development and production even more effective and efficient – as confirmed by the handling of the current prestige project. (Note: The trade magazine X-Technik conducted a technical interview on this subject with CEO Helmut Dettenweitz – you can read it here ).