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HELDECO shines in new splendor

High-quality LED lamps put HELDECO’s production halls in the right light with immediate effect.
We have currently invested around 80,000 euros in modernizing the lighting. The new light sources are intended not only to provide a more pleasant working and room climate, but also to contribute to greater plant safety.

The investment also shines in a good light in terms of electricity consumption: HELDECO reduces the annual energy requirement for lighting at the site by 60 percent. “As a regionally reliable employer, it is important for us to also fulfill our responsibility in the area of sustainability. By switching to more environmentally friendly LED lighting, we can take an important step here,” emphasizes HELDECO CEO Helmut Dettenwetiz.

Remarkably, the lighting conversion is expected to pay for itself – according to the company’s projections – in as little as four years. The, we hope, less complex maintenance of LED lighting is not yet integrated into this forecast.