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Ready for the future - with climate-friendly investments

HELDECO invests around 150,000 euros in a modern, sustainable heating system.
HELDECO pays more than just lip service to the strategic alliance between economy and ecology. To this end, we have currently invested around 150,000 euros in converting our heating system from liquid gas to district heating. The source of thermal energy is a regional heating plant in the immediate vicinity of the company site, which uses the waste heat from a drying plant.

This technological modernization alone will enable us to save around 75 metric tons of CO2 per year with immediate effect. By way of comparison, this is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of around 20 single-family homes per year. The fact that cost-effectiveness and an ecological approach do not automatically have to be contradictory is also demonstrated by the payback on this future-oriented investment: according to our forecasts, the conversion should pay for itself within six years.

“We are proud that with this – and other measures – we can make a significant and important contribution to climate protection, but also to the sustainable development of our company,” emphasizes HELDECO CEO Helmut Dettenweitz.