Reference Projects

Hydro Power Industry

Kaplan and Francis blades, Pelton running wheels for hydro power industry. Production of the world's largest steam turbine blade. Adjustment elements for pump storage power plants.

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Heavy Industry

Rolling mills for heavy industry. Plant and machine construction parts.

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Aircraft Engineering

Molded parts and components for the Airbus A380, A350, … Sub-components for the automotive and aerospace industry.

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Offshore Sector

Adjustment and fixing elements for the world’s largest oil rig. Housings and valves for oil pipelines.

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Construction Vehicles

Manufacturing of the steering knuckles for the world's biggest dump truck (400 tons loading capacity). Components for general steel construction, vehicle construction and conveyor technology.

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Ship Building Industry

Parts and components such as keel fins, rudder systems, ship propulsions.

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Food Industry

Agitators and components for food industry.

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Miscellaneous Projects

For example prototypes for flow measurement at the technical university. Bridge construction technology. Bearings and components for bridge construction.

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